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Master Dhol Drummer, Artistic Director & Music Producer, Johnny Kalsi Steers his Band, The Dhol Foundation as they travel the globe with the mission to promote and expose the indigenous sounds of the Dhol Drum to the Masses.
Performing at Major World Class Events such as
The London 2012 Olympic Closing Ceremony
Ambassadors of WOMAD & WOMAD International
HM Queen's Diamond Coronation Celebration Gala
Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix

Always engaging the audience with the Full Power and Energetic performances. TDF have been effervescent and Wowing the crowds with their dynamics, whirling arms and thunderous beats.
Their musicality is formed from a rich tapestry of culture, passion and their love for World Music.
While they tour they absorb influences from collaborators,record them on an album and deliver them on stage with the mighty muscle powerhouse that is The Dhol Foundation!


After the Wonderful Star-Lined Performance at Shrewsbury Folk Festival,
It's Followed by Another Big One for The Mighty Dhol Foundation.

BBC PROMS in the PARK Saturday 13th Sept 2014 18:55 BBC Red Button

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Announcing the (Digital) Release of the New Single "The Family Tree" by Johnny Kalsi & The Dhol Foundation as performed at Buckingham Palace for HM Queens Diamond Coronation Gala.
Comprised of Eik Din/After The Rain/Drummers Reel/Ganesh
Commissioned by WOMAD Performed by The Dhol Foundation

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